Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear Readers,

Thanks to all of you who have been reading my Blog "Bhagwat Gita & Our Life - Philosophy" regularly. Now I have made things easier for you to come to my Blog. Now you can come to my Blog directly by entering the URL address It will take you to my original blog only. However, earlier addresses or shall also take you to my Blog only.

So now just type smaller address or or just in your address bar & you shall come to my Blog only.

So Dear All, Hope typing smaller URL address shall work easier for you.

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  1. Sir
    From where you are writing these blogs i mean from which country
    By the way I am govind a lectuere in physics more interested on Bhavat gita and a regular reader and writer too
    with regards

  2. I am from India only.

  3. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Thank you so much for creating this site. I especially like the devotional videos with lyrics. Would you consider adding an English translation to some of your videos?

    Thank you again,


  4. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I´m an Indian lover!!
    Thks for this site, i´m sure i will visit it everytime i can.
    It will be useful to know why each deid is known by.

  5. Namaste Sancho Ji,
    Your blog is very comprehensive and I use it as a reference often. My hindi is poor but your lyrics for bhajans makes life a lot easier. Can you help verify the lyrics for the bhajan Har Har Har Mahadev by Jagjit Singh
    My attemp is like this
    har har har mahadeve, shiv shankar aadi dev
    parmeshwar ati dheshwar, pandav priya shashi shekar
    vishwadhar vishwanath, ganga dhar deenanath
    jhata jhot chandra dhari, dheenan ke hitkari
    gauri pati nandhishwar, shaileshwar jag dheeshwer
    Regards, Tosh.

  6. Anonymous12:55 AM

    i am looking for a cd with the song aey malik tere bande hum.. i would like to buy it.. mail me on

  7. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I have been a silent reader of your blog. I really admire your writings. After going through every thing in you blog,i have many questions in my mind. I take this as an opportunity to clear myself form my mental blocks.My first question is 1) why do humans commit mistakes? 2) are they tempted to commit mistakes or commiting mistakes is the way to understand life?
    3) Is there forgiveness for mistakes committed knowingly? but after committing the sin what if the human repents and starts journey towards spirituality?
    I Hope to get answers to this question and wish it would fill my appetite with right directional answers. At the first place, thanks for going through my question.

  8. C.B.Sharma1:40 PM

    Dear Sir,

    Just let me know who will be responsible for "Action or Karma" ? Our soul or our body. if body will responsible. its mortal & how can its action or karma will affect on next birth because our soul is travelling there where not our body. & if our soul is responsible than why people said that soul is holy/Pure/divine. because in word of Action or Karma there are many Good, Bad karma. may be I am confused but I feel you will guide me.


  9. on the occasion of ganesh chaturthi I am reminded of how our ancestors were more progressive and had a better vision and imagination than the present generation of indians.

    In India, the concept of organ transplant has been in existence from ancient times- the oldest example is Lord Ganesh - an example of xeno-transplantation.

    every one keeps saying

    Ramanuja's Commentary
    Weapons are powerless to inflict any injury by cutting or piercing, fire is powerless to burn, water is powerless to wet and air is powerless to dry the eternal soul. The soul having the propensity of pervading everything being capable by its nature of interpenetrating all substances. It is subtler than any substance and no substance can penetrate it. The effects of cutting, burning, soaking, drying and others which takes place by weapons, fire, water, air and the rest penetrate the object which is the focus of their direction; but due to its impregnable nature the soul is uninfluenced being beyond the scope of the material substratum. Hence the eternal soul is unchangeable, immovable and everlasting “acchedyo-ayam adahyo-ayam

    akledyo-asoshya ev ch

    nity sarv-gatah sthanur

    achalo-ayam sanatanah” (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter II verse 24)

    "Sri Krishna said: For this individual soul is incapable of being cut; and insoluble, and can be neither burned nor dried. This soul is eternal, constant, omnipresent, unchangeable, immovable and everlasting."The body is perishable,subject to the process of aging,sickness and injury.

    Our body is like our clothes that we wear on our body & after death these worn out clothes are dropped by the embodied soul . You in essence are a 'Soul' & this 'Soul' of yours shall wear another body ( read, shall wear another pair of clothes) after death. So this eternal Soul which is indestructible, changes its present embodied form for another embodied form, when the physical body perishes.

    why is it that we are so attached to theses worn out clothes so much ?

    why we don't want to donate theses clothes?

    even when we are going to burn them and they are not going to remain in their present status ,and the same wornout clothes can give another Human being a new life.

    we have heard of godaana, bhoodaanam ,vastra daanam etc

    it is high time the Hindu religious heads come up with the value of kaya daanam ( donating your dead body/organs ) kaaya vastradaanam,(donating your wornout coth like dead body /organs )

  10. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Geeta Ramchandani,
    when ever i get time i am trying to spend my time to read this gita blog i like to read spritual thing,but when i trying to do meditation my mind is spred every where i cannat concntration one place can u suggest me what to do,and we r reading lot of thing but in our lifestyle we cannot follow our enger/eggo /short temper comes front of us what to

  11. hi my name is radica and was looking for some bhajan songs lyrics but cant find any .please and thank you for sending some for me ,,radica

  12. I really apperciate you for doing this for me ...thank you very much

  13. We learn in bhagwat that how to maintain the life circle in our life how to face the struggle and situations in life. Bhgwat massage is that do not live for love and aspectated life.

  14. Geeta teach us that how to face the struggle life never become a greedy do not live with aspectated and loveable if u love more out of limit and aspect more out of limit than you can become unhappy.

  15. Very nice blog for Bhagavad Gita;

  16. Nameste, can you help validate the lyrics for another Jagjit Singh bhajan that I dotted down...

    ghan mein chhip rahi, jo dhamani
    nand kumar ke pachhe thadri so hat radha dhamani
    baal deesha apnay rang khelat, sharad sohai jamini
    parmanand swami ras deejay, prem mudit gaj gamini