Sunday, September 17, 2017

राधे तेरे चरणों में

राधे तेरे चरणों में

Its a beautiful chant for Sri  Radha. It is a powerful Mantra. राधे तेरे चरणों में is Divine Music. Daily chanting or Listening to it gives peace of mind & Love of God.

Goddess Sri Radha Rani is most dear to Lord Krishna even more than His wives. It was because, Sri Radha was always full of devotion towards the Lord & never thought of anyone else besides Lord Sri Krishna. In pictures Sri Radha is almost always depicted alongside Sri Krishna.

Sri Radha Rani is considered as the greatest devotee of Lord Sri Krishna. It is said that Sri Radha, herself is the "Devotional energy" of Lord Sri Krishna who is the Lord of the universe. Her name always comes before the name of Lord Sri Krishna that is why God's one name is "Radha Krishna" also. Just take out only one "R" from "Radha Krishna" & it becomes just "aadha Krishna" i.e. "half Krishna" & that is the power of the name "Radha". As Sri Radha Rani is always in the thought of Lord Sri Krishna the Supreme God, so her state of "Spiritual Emotion" is called "Maha Bhaav or महाभाव" i.e. the highest state of Spiritual Emotion or Spiritual Ecstasy.

Jai Shri Radhe Rani