Sunday, October 27, 2013

Do Not Get Perturbed In Success Or Failure

Once there was a rich family who used to live in a big house with all the amenities of life. It was a beautiful family with lovely children. They were living a happy life when suddenly an earthquake came & due to bad luck they lost their home & business both. All the members of the family, especially the wife started weeping at the loss of home & business but the husband was not perplexed & was as calm as usual.

Seeing her husband so unconcerned about everything, wife said to him: "There is so big a problem that has come upon all of us but you are not worried at all; your heart seems to be that of a stone!! You don’t care that we have lost even our beautiful home also." At this the man said, "O.K. now I shall tell you why I am not worried? Last night, I dreamt that I had become an exalted king, I was having a palace of gold & was having everything of life & was enjoying life to the fullest, when you woke me up. Now I am really wondering whether I should weep for that Kingly status & a palace of gold or to the loss in life that has occurred to us.”

Husband was really an intelligent man & knew philosophical truth that the waking state is as unreal as the dream state. Loss & gain in wakeful state are as real & as unreal as it is in dream state. Both does not remain forever. Only real thing is the one eternal substance, and that is the Self or Atman which never changes. In fact what we call life is nothing but a prolonged state of dream only which dissolves at the end of life.

This dream body of ours is not true as it dissolves when we wake up & dream state is over. Similarly this gross physical body of ours is also not permanent & true as it dissolves at the time of death. But our Self, our Soul which is beyond any type of body, is real & true as it remains even when dream or gross physical body is dissolved. Below verses of Bhagwat Gita says about this truth only.

"na-asato vidyate bhavo
nabhavo vidyate satah
ubhayor api drsto ’ntas
tv anayos tattva-darshibhih" (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Two verse 16)

"Sri Krishna said: The unreal has no existence, and the real (Soul) never ceases to be; the reality of both has thus been perceived by the seers of the truth."

As per Bhagwat Gita we should not get disturbed in life due to success or failure in it. We should remain calm at mind in all circumstances. Below are few verse which explain that.

"yoga-sthah kuru karmani
sangam tyaktva dhananjaya
siddhy-asiddhyoh samo bhutva
samatvam yoga ucyate" (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Two verse 48)

"Sri Krishna said: Perform your duty equi-poised, O Arjuna, abandoning all attachment to success or failure. Such an equanimity is called yoga."

"samah satrau cha mitre cha
tatha manapamanayoh
samah sanga-vivarjitah"

"tulya-ninda-stutir mauni
santusto yena kenacit
aniketah sthira-matir
bhaktiman me priyo narah" (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Twelve verse 18-19)

"Sri Krishna said: O Arjuna, One who is equal to friends and enemies, who is equipoised in honor and dishonor, heat and cold, happiness and distress, fame and infamy, who is always free from contaminating association, always silent and satisfied with anything, who doesn’t care for any residence, who is fixed in knowledge and who is engaged in devotional service—such a person is very dear to Me."

So we should have such an attitude in life that we do not get perturbed in all the conditions, whether it is success or failure, loss or gain. We should be equipoised in life. As per Bhagwat Gita such an equipoise person in life can only know the real truth of life.

Jai Sri Krishna

Sunday, October 20, 2013

‘Darkness of Night’ & ‘Darkness of Mind’

Have you ever wondered why there is ‘Darkness at Night’? The reason is that the side of the Earth on which we live, rotates at night away from the Sun & sunlight is not reaching the part of earth on which we live. At mid night, no direct light of Sun reaches the part of earth on which we live, so we do not see light at night & always remain in darkness.

Darkness is nothing but absence of light. You just lit a candle & darkness is gone. Darkness is just the absence of light & it has no real existence. Once a person saw in the dark that there is a snake in the room but on switching on the light, it turned out to be a rope only. So believing something to be something else is called ignorance. The person believing the rope to be a snake, was an ignorant person.

Same is with the philosophical truth of God & this world. As per the scriptures, God is the truth & has created this universe. He sit's in an invisible way in every nook & corner of the universe. This outer visible world is His creation, while He is there within this world in an invisible way. This whole world is changing all the time, while God is constant, & changeless. So to know God, we need to go beyond the thinking of this changing world.

Here below is a mantra / prayer from Upanishad which asks the God to take us from darkness of untruth which is enveloping our minds to reality of truth (God).

असतो मा सद्गमय ।
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।
मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय ।
शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Om Asato Ma Sad-Gamya |
Tamaso Ma Jyotir-Gamya |
Mrtyor-Ma Amritam Gamya |
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ||

Om Asato Ma Sad-Gamya - O Lord, Take me from untruth to Truth! Take me from Transitory Existence to the Reality (of Self, of God), The Truth is eternal and immortal.

Tamaso Ma Jyotir-Gamya - O Lord, Lead me from the Darkness (of Ignorance) to the Light (of Spiritual Knowledge), There lies the light of wisdom. Tamas is the darkness. Jyoti is the light. With light, darkness is dispelled. Darkness is death. The light is Truth, Bliss, Peace. The light is eternal.

Mrtyor-Ma Amritam Gamya - O Lord, Lead me from Death to the Immortality through purity of purpose.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti - O Lord, Let there be Peace, Peace, Peace.

But why it is so, that we cling to this visible world only & just forget the invisible God, who is the creator of this world. It is due to our ignorance only. In philosophy, it is said that we are clinging to Maya (visible world) & ignoring the God who is the real thing. So that's why, it is said that we should not cling to the unreal, untruth (Maya) & should turn our mind towards the God, who is the only reality & truth. Just like alighting a small lamp eats away all the darkness in the room, so just by illumining your intellect with the knowledge, shall lead you to the truth of God.

Now, why do we fall in to ignorance? It is all due to the Nature born "TamoGun" (mode of ignorance) which we put into practice in our lives. "Tamas" or "Tamo Gunn" is the mode of Nature which is responsible for ignorance, delusion, indolence, laziness and sleep in a person. We should not fall a pray to this "TamoGun".
Now here below is a verse from Bhagwat Gita which also tells us that in this whole creation, unreal has no existence, and the real (God) never ceases to be, So we should always turn our mind towards the God who is the only reality & truth.

"na-asato vidyate bhavo
nabhavo vidyate satah
ubhayor api drsto ’ntas
tv anayos tattva-darshibhih" (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Two verse 16)

"Sri Krishna said to Arjuna : The unreal has no existence, and the real never ceases to be; the reality of both has thus been perceived by the seekers of the truth.

So let’s seek truth by praying regularly to God. By such praying, God shall enlighten our mind & thinking by which real truth about this world & God shall reveal to us.

Jai Sri Krishna

Sunday, October 13, 2013

God Explained

In ancient times in India, a very wise “Spiritual Guru” used to live in a hut in the forest. He had inherited the spiritual wisdom from his father & forefathers. Once a young man from the village came to him. This was a man well-known as the owner of land, wise in the ways of the world. He said to “Spiritual Guru”, "Please tell me that knowledge which will explain everything to me."

“Spiritual Guru” looked at him & said. "There are really two kinds of knowledge," he replied. One of them is higher knowledge and the other one is lower one. The lower knowledge is of hymns and scriptures, rituals, grammar, poetry, astrology and other such sciences.....but the higher knowledge leads a man to that being which never dies. That is called the knowledge of the Indestructible."

"Yes, sir," said the young man. "That is what I want to know about."

“Spiritual Guru” said, "Then, listen well. The Indestructible cannot be picked up like this stick or that stone. It belongs to no family, nor to any caste. It neither has eyes nor ears (yet sees & hears everything), It has no hands or feet, It is forever. Wherever you go It is there; you cannot leave It; It is all around you.

"Indestructible is very fine, very subtle, and that is why you do not see It. everything else has come out of this Indestructible, you see. You know how a spider spins out her thread from her own body, and draws it back with her arms, or how plants grow from the soil, or how hair grows on a person's body. In that same way, the whole universe emerges from that Indestructible Being called God.”

Here below is a "Hymn to that Universal, Omnipresent Infinite God". It is from "Svetasvatara Upanishad":

"O God,

You are the Ancient One & the Lord of Shining Light,
You dwell beyond all the darkness and the night;
knowing You alone can a man cross over death,
There is no other path for him to take."

All heads are Your heads, all faces Your faces,
You dwell inside the heart & also in all hidden places.
Through the whole universe, You have extended Yourself.
You are Shiva, the auspicious, the ever-present Lord."

With hands and feet everywhere, eyes and ears
Everywhere, heads and mouths everywhere,
You have filled up every corner of the space.
Smaller than smallest and larger than largest."

The God who is present everywhere in space & creation is called Omnipresent God. There is no place in creation which can be without the presence of God & He is present there at every point of time and space. God fills all the space & places in heaven and on earth.

Here below are few verses from Bhagwat Gita which describe about the infinite nature of God:

"sarvatah pani-padam tat
sarvato ’ksi-siro-mukham
sarvatah shrutimal loke
sarvam avrtya tishthati" (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Thirteen verse 14)

"Sri Krishna said: O Arjuna, Everywhere are His (God's) hands and feet, His eyes, heads and faces, and He has ears everywhere. In this way the Super Soul exists, pervading everything in this world."

"mattah parataram nanyat
kincid asti dhananjaya
mayi sarvam idam protam
sutre mani-gana iva" (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Seven verse 7)

"Sri Krishna said: O Arjuna, there is nothing else besides Me in this world. Like clusters of yarn-beads formed by knots on a thread, all this world is threaded on me.

So let's pay our obeisance's to such an Indestructible & Infinite God. Let's also think that God is always near us & is always in our heart. Then He too shall never give you up or never depart. God is always with you & shall always be with you if you think Him to be supreme Indestructible. So always have trust that God is near you though He is present in all the creation.

Jai Sri Krishna

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Your Mind in Anger is like a ‘Raging Bull’

Once a bull escaped from a nearby cattle herd & entered the city. On seeing the mob inside the city it became violent & rushed helter-skelter in between the mob. In this process bull ran down many people & injured them badly. It was tried by many people to capture the bull but all in vain & it ran here & there damaging the property. Then one strong bullfighter was called & the bull was captured. A strong thick rope was put around it's neck & it was tied to a post. Hereafter all the pell-mell ended.

The above story is depicted here to understand the state of our mind in philosophy. Human mind is very fickle & it runs from one object to the other. In this process, mind too sometimes gets violent & anger is expressed in our nature. In the state of anger we too hurt many by speaking angry words. When anger gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems for oneself, as well as, for others. In the state of anger we are at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion which if not controlled does harm only. If anger is not controlled it can lead to physiological, as well as, psychological problems for you.

Now how can we control this anger? Basically, to control anger is to first control & calm your mind. If your mind remains in a state of calm then no negative emotions can arouse in it. To be peaceful at mind, the easiest way is that we let our mind delve inside our own inner nature rather than hankering after outside worldly objects. If mind continuously runs after worldly things then it gets disturbed when the thing of desire is not attained. When the mind gets disturbed in this way then anger arouses in the mind & it leads to negative consequences only. When you close your eyes in meditation, you start delving inside your inner nature. What is your inner nature? It's nothing but your soul inside where you delve in times of meditation & attain peace. In soul there is peace only. Now your soul is nothing but part & parcel of Universal Soul only. Universal Soul is nothing but God only who is ultimate peace.

In Bhagwat Gita philosophy it is said that the easiest way to control your mind is to tie it to the feet of God. When mind always remains in remembrance of God then it stops hankering after external worldly objects. When external hankering of mind stops then peace itself comes to mind immediately. So our mind is also like a raging bull which if not controlled does damage to oneself, as well as, to others by expressing emotions like anger, jealousy, fear etc. Just like the raging bull was tied to a post with rope & everything became calm, so let your mind be tied to the feet of God so that all your negative emotions arousing in mind come to a peaceful & calm state.

Here below is what Bhagwat Gita teaches about "Mind Control". Mind is that makes the personality of a person. Angry, jealous, fearful, de-motivated mind makes a person depressed one while a peaceful, calm, motivated mind makes a person cheerful. Mind is very powerful one & to control it is just like keeping in control a raging bull. It just wanders like wind here & there & it takes enough of self discipline & practice of meditation to control it. As per "Arjuna" to "Lord Sri Krishna" in Bhagwat Gita Chapter Six verse 34:

"chanchalam hi manah krishna
pramathi balavad drdham
tasyaham nigraham manye
vayor iva su-duskaram"
(Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Six verse 34)

"Arjuna said: For the mind is restless, turbulent, obstinate and very strong, O Krishna, and to subdue it, to control it, I think, is more difficult than controlling the wind."

"sri-bhagavan uvacha
asamsayam maha-baho
mano durnigraham chalam
abhyasena tu kaunteya
vairagyena cha grhyate"
(Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Six verse 35)

"Lord Sri Krishna said: O mighty-armed Arjuna, it is undoubtedly that mind is very difficult to curb & is restless, but it is possible by suitable practices of meditation and by detachment to control it."

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Jai Sri Krishna