Sunday, March 26, 2017

How Bhagwat Gita can transform Your Life?

If Bhagwat Gita becomes a part & parcel of your life then it shall totally transform your life. It not only shall guide you through your life journey but shall also shape the way you live your life. In my case it all started when I was 15 years of age. One day I found a portable, very old copy of Bhagwat Gita by Gita Press in my family cupboard. I started reading that at the age of 15 & my fascination for Lord Krishna grew very much. Since then I have become a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna & His teachings of Bhagwat Gita. I have been reading the Bhagwat Gita all these years which taught me many lessons & transformed my life on the way to Karma Yoga. Below are some of the great lessons that I have learnt from Bhagwat Gita through many yoga paths as taught by Lord Krishna in this great book.

1) How to remove Stress, pessimism in our Life: In our day to day life we all encounter myriads of problems, gets work pressure, stress etc. Now if we can find some way in which you can de-stress ourself & find peace of mind within ourselves then how good it be in our life. The great philosophy of Bhagwat Gita not only tells us about the Yoga technique which can make our body stress free but also gives many ways by which we can calm our mind. Other than that it tells us about the mystery of Life & Death.

In the battle field of Kurukshetra, when Arjuna, the disciple of Lord Krishna got infatuated & forgot his prescribed duty to fight, then Lord Krishna reminded Arjuna of his duty to fight a lawful, justful war & gave him the teachings of Bhagwat Gita. Lord Krishna through Bhagwat Gita teachings removed all dejection, pessimism in Arjuna’s Life. Similarly, whenever, dejection, despondency, pessimism comes in my life, I reach out to Bhagwat Gita which tells me that I should do my duty, do good to society & be a devotee of Lord Krishna, which removes all pessimism from my Life.

2) We need to be a true KarmYogi : This whole world is a creation of God / Lord Krishna, so we should work for Him only. If we develop this sense that we are working selflessly to sustain this world created by God only, then also we shall develop an affinity towards God. Lord Krishna tells in Bhagwat Gita that if a person offers all his work & activities to God, thinking this world to be a creation of God only, then that person is called KarmYogi.

By devoting all our Karmas to God our mind gets purified of all the impurities & our mind receives the Godly light, Godly grace and Godly knowledge. If we do Service of humanity then also it is the service of God as God sits in the heart of all human beings. Let’s work without attachment and egoism & offer all the good works of ours to God.

By practicing Karma Yoga our heart reaches out to other people & through it we see God in all people’s hearts. By such devotional practice, divine virtues such as love, mercy, tolerance, kindness, patience, self-restraint, etc. are developed in us. Karma Yoga destroys jealousy, hatred, malice and the idea of superiority in us.

So I am also offering all my Karmas to God only& work for God only. This thinking & way of working by offering all my actions to God has brought peace in my life.

3) We need to motivate ourselves to do good to society: When Arjuna listened to all these great teachings of Bhagwat Gita from Lord Krishna, Arjuna's mental health became well & he became motivated & energetic to fight the war. At times we find ourselves in demotivated, depressed state of mind in our life. Same thing happened many times in my life but through the teachings of "Bhagwat Gita", my state of mind got changed to a motivated energetic state of mind Through these teachings I find peace in my life & came out of many crisis situations in my life. The teachings of "Bhagwat Gita" can simply transform a person.

4) Finding our Inner Soul Strength: Inner Strength is our Soul strength, Mental strength or Personal Strength which comes into action in our hard times to defeat all such negative symptoms of sadness, depression etc. in our life. In hard times it helps in building our low esteem and loss of confidence. When we are passing through bad times, we have a feeling of self dejection & a feeling that we will not succeed in life. In all such times, our Inner Soul Strength comes into play. Inner Strength is basically an exploration to find our authentic self. Bhagwat Gita teaches us to peep into & explore our original inner self which is our Soul. "Bhagwat Gita" is a reservoir to answers to all such questions. "Bhagwat Gita", time & again tells us that we have a Soul inside our human body & this Soul has infinite potential. As this Soul of ours is a spark of the Infinite all powerful, all pervasive Universal Soul (God), so Soul’s powers are also limit less. This Soul present inside our human body, in fact gives strength to our mind to carry out all difficult tasks. Believing in oneself is nothing but believing in one's inner Soul. All fountains of knowledge & strength come out of this inner Soul only. So knowing this Soul strength through the teachings of Bhagwat Gita one attains one’s true self which is Soul.

5) Mind Control through Bhagwat Gita teachings: Bhagwat Gita teaches us about the "Mind Control" & a controlled mind not hankering after things of the world can do many good works for the society. As per Bhagwat Gita, “For those people whose mind is unbridled, uncontrolled & wandering, peace of mind cannot be attained but those people whose mind is controlled and who strive by appropriate means is assured of success in every walk of life." So it has given lots of peace to my mind by following the teachings of Bhagwat Gita.
We can also make our mind Conflict-Free by following the teachings of Bhagavat-Gita. In our life if we have control over your mind i.e. if there is equilibrium of Emotions and Intellect in your mind then we shall be peaceful & happy in life.

6) Work without caring for the fruit arising out of that work: One teaching of "Bhagwat Gita" is to do one's work for the sake of work only without caring for the fruit arising out of that work. That simply means to get deeply involved in one's work or just be single minded about performing the best in one's job without thinking about the results arising out of those actions. Just concentrate on your work, that's it. Same is in "Bhagwat Gita: Chapter 2 verse 47” where "Lord Sri Krishna said: You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty."

7) Have Devotion in God through Bhakti Yoga: Bhakti is nothing but devotion towards God. Bhakti is the relationship between a soul (that of the devotee) and God. As per Bhagwat Gita, Bhakti is a yogic path, through which a devotee gets a union with God. Through these teachings of Bhakti Yoga I have developed a great Love for Lord Krishna which has made my life quite peaceful & enriching.

In Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna is assuring Arjuna that He shall always be with him in all circumstances if he is always in devotion to Him. Same thing applies to every human being also. If a person remains devoted to Lord Krishna then Lord promises that He shall deliver that person of all the sins of the past & purify that person. By doing such loving service to the Lord, certainly that person shall be in the eyes of Lord & Lord shall always protect that person. So let's be devoted to Lord Krishna always. Let's sing His Glories, read literature regarding Him & also do loving service to humanity (charity etc.) in His name. So lets have devotion to Lord Krishna.

In Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Eighteen verse 68, 69, Sri Krishna says: “O Arjuna, For one who explains this supreme secret to the devotees, pure devotional service is guaranteed to him, and at the end he will come back to Me. There is no servant in this world more dear to Me than he, nor will there ever be one more dear to Me.”
Following these words of Lord Krishna I though that in this Digital Age, it shall be good to serve Lord Krishna by disseminating His teachings of Bhagwat Gita through a Blog. So in year 2006, I started writing & sharing Bhagwat Gita teachings through this Bhagwat Gita Blog which is read by large section of Lord Krishna devotees all around the world.

As Bhagwat Gita has transformed my Life completely so I wish that it should also transform your life if you follow these teachings religiously. I pray for you to Lord Krishna & May God Bless You.

Jai Shri Krishna

Immortality of Soul as per Bhagwat Gita

Lord Krishna tells Arjuna as per Bhagwat Gita that Individual Soul is Immortal. It tells all of us with conviction that we are an Immortal Soul & not a mortal body. We shall survive after death also & we as a Soul shall live forever, births after births.

As per Lord Krishna, one Soul present in a body goes through different phases of childhood, youth and old age, so also does that Soul pass into another body; the wise man does not grieve thereat. Know Lord Krishna days that all powerful, Supersoul is indestructible, by whom all this is world is pervaded. None can cause the destruction of That Supersoul, the Imperishable. As we casts off worn-out clothes and puts on new ones, so also the embodied Soul
in this body casts off worn-out bodies and enters others bodies that are new. This rebirth cycle goes on like that & has been going on like that for centuries.

As per Lord Krishna, very sharp weapons cannot cut this soul, nor fire can burn It water cannot wet It & wind cannot dry it. So ones Soul cannot be cut by weapons, burnt by fire, wetted by water nor dried up by air. It is eternal, all-pervasive, same at all times, ancient and immovable, Some people sees the embodied Soul with wonder; some other speaks of It as a wonder; some other hears of It as wonderful; yet, there are many who having heard also, does not understand It at all.

Jai Shri Krishna