Thursday, October 02, 2008

Scientists say 'Faith in God can relieve pain'

God is a matter of faith & we all know that having faith in some supernatural, all powerful being called God helps all of us in matters of trouble. Even when our mind is agitated due to some reason or the other then a little prayer to God soothes our mind & helps us to come out of any trouble. Just listening to devotional music also soothes our mind. Not only that, devotees who have strong faith in God claim that due to their faith in God they have been rescued in life of all the miserable happenings. It is also confirmed in Bhagwat Gita by God himself that He protects his devotees always.

So now in our age when tension is so prevalent in one's life & mind is restless, let's pray a little in life daily so that we can have peaceful life.

Now even Scientists are saying that 'Faith in God can relieve pain'. So let's have deep faith in God & let's pray to Him regularly.

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