Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love Yourself

Everybody in this world loves his/her near & dear one's. Whether it is your mother, father, wife, children, friend etc, your love automatically pours towards them. But have you ever loved YOURSELF? You may say that it is a strange question, but just think for a moment, have you ever loved yourself. May be you have never thought about it.

O.K. now tell me, have you ever thought, what are the things in your life that you love the most? As per me, it can earthier be the material things in your life, like your house, car, other household objects or your own Kith & kin. But I am sure, you have never thought of loving yourself ever. In fact all of your miseries are due to that only that you don't love yourself.

Now take the case of material things that you love. These material things may be giving you joy at present but just think, if these material things are not in your life due to one reason or the other, how much pain it shall give you. Same is the case with human relations. Till all these things & relations are with you, it may give you joy for the time being. But no material things or relations are forever & it's absence in your life shall just shatter your life as you are addicted to all these. Absence of all these shall give you lot of pain certainly. Yes, pain. Any love towards material things & relations is certainly going to give you pain someday or the other as all these things & relations have to come to an end some day or the other. Either these things & relations shall leave you someday or you shall leave these someday. It's only your illusion that these things shall give you joy forever.

Have you ever thought that you have come to this world alone & shall leave this world alone only. Whatever things you acquire or whatever relations you make on this world stage is only in between your birth & death. Some day, these things or relations shall leave you within this lifetime or ultimately you have to leave all these at death. Any infatuation to material things or relations is going to give you pain only, whenever, separation shall occur one day. All material things & human relations are imperfect & any imperfect thing cannot give PERFECT love or joy to you. Unless you find a perfect & permanent thing in life, you shall not be able to find perfect love in life.

Now what is that perfect thing or being, which is permanent & source of all love. It is YOUR OWN SELF only. Now if you you think yourself to be your body, you are again wrong as one day it shall perish. You are not your body but the immortal soul within this body. Unless you know yourself to be that immortal soul which is the source of all love & knowledge, you are living in illusion. But if you think yourself to be that soul which is the source of all love, power & knowledge, then you shall feel supremely confident. Now just introspect & see that your own self is worth loving & exploring. Just be alone for some time away from your material things & relations & think who you are. You shall certainly feel that there is someone inside you who is your true self. This self only gives you confidence to move on in life. If you do not love your own self, then certainly you are a weak minded person. So just LOVE YOURSELF as you can yourself only take charge of your life. Just think that you are that immortal soul which is all powerful & source of all love. Just start loving yourself & see whole world shall shower love on you.

Bhagwat Gita too teaches that "know yourself to be that immortal soul". Once you are able to do that then you shall feel your SELF to be part & parcel of that Universal Self (GOD) who is infinite love. Just like a drop of sugar juice, tastes the same as that of whole juice, so is the case with you. You are a spark of that Universal Soul, who is the source of infinite love. Once you are able to know that, your life too shall be full of love.

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