Saturday, November 10, 2007

Infatuation is the Cause of Most Sorrows

Infatuation is something that we get attached to some object or person badly. We are always thinking of that & without that object / person , our life seems impossible. Due to such Infatuation to that object or person our mind always wanders about that & forgets other important things in life.

In "Bhagwat Gita" Lord Krishna finds Arjuna in the same state during War at Kurukshetra when Arjuna refused to do his duty to fight the righteous war against Kaurvas. His mind became infatuated & started seeing his enemies as his relatives & refused to fight.

Seeing all such infatuation of Arjuna in which he forgot his duty to fight the war, Lord Krishna told him through "Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Two verse 2" recitation that such Infatuation to his relatives is not good as in the present situation they were standing against him as his enemies, so loving his enemies was not good.

We too find our self in such situations many times. Say you have very lovely children & you love them very much. You always think of them & little separation of them from you worries you alot. But say one day your son gets admission to some foreign university & he has to leave you for quite many years. You find yourself so much attached to him that your mind gets troubled at just thinking that he shall go away to such a faraway land & you shall not be able to meet him. Similar thing happens when your daughter gets married. So in all such cases if your mind is attached to them greatly, so great shall be the pain to the mind during separation from them also.

Same applies to other material things like your home, your car, money etc. etc. So if your mind is attached to these things greatly, so great shall be the pain to your mind during its separation also.

So we should not attach our mind greatly to any material thing or human being as one day we shall have to leave these or these shall go away from us someday or the other. On that day, if you have a great attachment to these, you shall feel great pain, otherwise it shall be a normal life for you. So let us not allow our mind to be INFATUATED by any thing material or with any person, which can lead our self to sorrow someday. Gita also teaches us to live in this world like that without getting attached to anything or any being. Just like a drop of water on Lotus, where though it is there on it but it is not attached to it.

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