Sunday, November 25, 2007

Only rare one knows God in Reality

We have seen so many Godly people, Priests, Guru’s, Saints, Mahatma’s, Baba’s, Fakir’s, Swamis, Gyani’s, Dhyani’s etc. etc. all around us who can be seen preaching all about morality & gospels of God. But do all of them know about God really? Do they really have knowledge about matters of God? Can these Gurus’s lead us to God? Do what they preach actually practice? Do they have really known & realize God & can they be your Guide in leading you to God?

In reality if you see, the answer to all the above questions is that very few i.e. may be only 1-2% out of all those sorts present in the society are those who really have knowledge of God or who really know God. Rest all are not fake, they do may have some Bookish knowledge where from they read & teach you but most of them do not have in depth knowledge of God. Great Swami Vivekananda when initially approached for the first time to Great Guru Ramakrishna Paramhansa, he only asked one question from him. Have you seen God? To Swami Vivekananda question, the Great Guru answered, Yes, I have seen him & I see him just like I see you.

In Bhagwat Gita also the Great Lord, Sri Krishna says the same about this matter. Below is a good verse, "Verse - 3, Chapter Seven of Bhagwat Gita" teaching the same thing.

"Manush-yanam sahes-tresu
kashchid yatati siddhyaye
yat-taam api siddhanam
kashchin mam vetti tatvatah"(Gita: Chapter VII verse 3)

“Of thousands of men some rare soul strives to realize Me & endeavour for perfection, and of those striving Yogis, again, someone rare one (devoting himself exclusively to Me) knows Me in reality."

So if you do have some Guru etc. or you know of a great soul whom you revere as Great Godly person, then be sure that your Idol person really has knowledge of God & has realized Him. Just check whether he is another run of the mill person or a real rare Gem who knows God in reality.

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  1. One thing I have learned in life about any Holy or so call divine teachers and gurus .. If they are offened by you asking questions and challanging their teachings . Then they are not true spiritual leaders..My nana ( grandmother) always said" A true spiritual adviser not only gives advice but takes it as well ".. Swami Vive always asked questions and never feared to listen .. Most of the time I listen to my friends, students and family .. then we discuss our views.. I try never to dis-agree but to understand others views.. I enjoy very much reading this blog .. and has become my daily reading for the morning.. Yhank you for putting the Gita in a simple form that simple me can understand.. Paz y amor