Sunday, June 14, 2009

Offering Actions to God

"Remember, people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions. You may have a heart of gold but so does a hard-boiled egg."

All scriptures tell us that we should do the right action & good action. No action of ours should harm anybody. One way to do action is to lead a normal life by doing your normal duties in which you earn a livelihood for yourself & your family. It is called the normal action. The other way of doing actions as told by Bhagwat Gita is to offer all your actions to God just like you offer the offerings at the feet of God in a temple. Just devote & offer all your actions at the feet of God. By offering all your actions in such a way to God you shall be doing everything for God only & it's outcome shall be good only. God promises to Arjuna that if a person does all his/her actions in this way of offering to God then He shall rescue that person always in life.

Below are the verses from "Bhagwat Gita" in which God is asking his disciple Arjuna to do all his actions / activities for Him only. The below verses are firstly, written in, as it is written in original Sanskrit in Bhagwat Gita & below that is English translation of that verse.

' Ye tu srvani krmani
myi sanyasya mat-para
anany-naiv yogen
maam dhyayant upasate '
' Tesham-aham samud-dharta
bhavami na-chirat parth
mayy-avesita-chetsam ' ( Bhagwat Gita: Chapter XII verse 6-7 )

"Sri Krishna said: O Arjuna, Those people, who worship Me by surrendering all their activities unto Me, are always devoted to Me, always meditate upon Me, Having always fixing their minds upon Me, O Parth - to them, I swiftly rescue from the ocean of birth and death."

Through above verse 6 & 7, God is telling 'Parth' (another name of Arjuna, his disciple), that those people who work for God only & offer all their activities & work to Him only, to such a Soul He shows great mercy, always protects him & finally rescues him during & after death.

"mayy eva mana adhatsva
mayi buddhim nivesaya
nivasisyasi mayy eva
ata urdhvam na samsayah" (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Twelve verse 8)

"Sri Krishna said: O Arjuna, Just fix your mind upon Me and engage all your intelligence in Me. Thus you will live in Me always, without a doubt."

In the above verses, God is making very clear that if a person offers all his work & activities to God, thinking this world to be a creation of God only, then also He shall be happy with that person & shall protect & shall deliver that person from the cycles of birth & death. By working for God, we shall attain peace & shall attain His love & devotion. So Let's all Work for God only.

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  1. The greatest thing we have to offer our gracious creator is our lives and I think living our lives in full devotion is a wonderful way to live. It can bring nothing but peace and happiness!