Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Random Thoughts

Below are few of my random thoughts which I have posted recently on Twitter . I post these small thoughts regularly on Twitter , however, I shall compile & post it over here too regularly after few days of posting on Twitter :

Those who lived by the sword were perished by the sword; Those who lived by Divine Conciousness were survived by Divine Conciousness.

Chanting God's name produces potent vibrations which cleans & purify your living area & surroundings.

You cannot think of your Inner Self until you are alone......

Your true self, Soul is present everywhere in the world, your body only travels from one place to other, while your soul is already there.

Your mind only leaves one body & enters another, moves from one planet to another, Your soul is stationary & Omnipresent.

Zero (Shunya) is the source of all the creation, from Zero came everything & shall go back again into it. Zero aspect of God is interesting.

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