Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Recession & Devotion to God

It seems Love for God is recession free; rather in times of recession it has increased leaps & bounds. It seems in times of adversity people become more religious & become more devoted to God. As per a Times of India report a temple in the town of Unjha, about 80 km north of Ahmedabad in Gujarat state of India has got phenomenal donations in last 7 hrs as per the report:

"On Tuesday, a temple here raised a head-spinning Rs 5 crore (Rs. 50 Million) in seven hours flat — around Rs 1.2 lakh every minute.

The occasion: Fund-raising for the 18th centenary celebration of the Umiya Maa temple, which has a large Patel following, to be held in November this year. About 21 donors, most of them industrialists belonging to Kadva Patel community, contributed to the main corpus collected through a bidding process called ‘Uchamani'. An Ahmedabad-based builder, Amrut Patel donated Rs 1.25 crore to perform the Shahastra Chandi Yagna, which will be performed between November 28 and December 2 this year.

CK Patel, a California-based hotelier chipped in with Rs 61.61 lakh. Patel, an old Congress hand, recently switched sides to join BJP at the behest of CM Narendra Modi. Organisers claim the main temple of Umiya Maa will enter its 1,900th year this November."

Incredible, isn't it!!! Anyway, God is great that it attracts people in all circumstances of life.

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