Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Be Calm like an Ocean

In your normal life, just introspect & check the state of your mind. Normally whether it remains calm or it remains agitated & disturbed. It is generally said that we see this world through our mind, if our mind is peaceful; we see this world in a Good way & enjoy the beauties of nature & love being born to enjoy this life. But if our mind remains in a disturbed, agitated state of mind, we may miss the simple beauty of a flower in our nearby place also. We shall never enjoy our life if our mind remains in a disturbed state of mind.

The main reason why our mind remains disturbed is that we are not satisfied with our present state. If you have something, you are not happy with it. If you have your family, sons, daughters etc. then you may not have harmonious relations with them. If you have a particular amount of money with you, it seems less to you & you want more of it. Same is that, you have Greed for other things & don’t know how to enjoy the one’s you are already having.

To be peaceful at mind, the first & foremost thing is to be satisfied with what you have at present & try to make harmonious relations with the people all around you. Once you are able to do that then you shall find that you are better off & much peaceful.

The great Bhagwat Gita also teaches us on the same matter & teaches us to be like an Ocean in which all the rivers merges & yet it remains undisturbed. So we too should be calm like an Ocean & though enjoying all things of life & doing our duties should be peaceful just like the Ocean.

In relations, we should also act like shock absorbers where we are not able to retaliate, if some near & dear one says something which is not pleasing to ourselves. We should make understand others about their mistakes by passive rather than active, retaliatory methods. In all cases, we should not lose the peace of our mind by any of our acts & just be Calm like an Ocean. Below is a good verse, "Verse - 70, Chapter Two of Bhagwat Gita" teaching the same thing.

“aapurya-manam achala-prathistham
samudram apah pravishanti yadvat
tadvat-kama yam pravishanti sarve
sa shantim-apnoti na kama-kaami” (Gita: Chapter II verse 70)

"Sri Krishna said: O Arjuna, As the waters (of different rivers) enters the Great Ocean, which though full on all sides remains undisturbed, like wise a person who is not disturbed by the incessant flow of desires - can alone achieve peace, and not the man who runs after these desires & strives to satisfy such desires."

So keep your desires in control & do not hanker after these desires & be just like an Ocean & never lose your peace of mind in any of the circumstances.

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  1. Fantastic Post dear. I dont know much about you, but reading the post made me feel at ease adn relaxed. I liked the wordings. It was like some angel speaking the golden words to a distressed human soul to get her out of troubles and tantrums. One of the most amazing articles that I have ever come across during my net spree of last 4 years. Keep it up.
    with best wishes

  2. very nice and motivating explanation,
    i will be looking for more of these posts based on bhagvad gita and our life...
    thank you
    and best compliments.

  3. This is the truth , absolute truth ...greatest explaination about life ,sometime i wonder God is so kind that he has given the parameters to follow so that we cannot make any mistake while leading life.Follow Gita nothing is pure and divine than that..sooner or later who read it .. will realise and attain the level of self-realisation.-Dharmendar yadav.

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    Beautiful post

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    Sir Could U me solution how can I calm. I had good job i spend all money over my family now i have lost my job and not able to give same hapiness to my family which are depended upon me. I am disturb all the time i want to over come this situation but i am not able. not getting job.

  7. Wonderful post and so true. Philosophy of Gita is relevant and will always be relevant to human kind as it teaches us to survive and face the realities of life. Your simple explanation of every sholok of Gita is so illuminating . Thanks for posting.

  8. Seetaram,

    This article have been so informative that I would like to use this article in a simple hand-made book that I will share out at a special ceremony. Yes! I will definitely give this blog all the credit! I just love the articles and stories here, and I think I will help you get so many more visit from my friends and family. I'm happy I found this!


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    do practice and make life good