Saturday, January 06, 2007

Let's not be egoistic

'Indeed the Idols I have loved so long
Have done my Credit in Men's Eye much wrong:

Have drown'd my Honour in a shallow Cup,
And sold my Reputation for a song.'

'Omar Khayyam'

Above few lines of the Persian Poet, 'Omar Khayyam' can be interpreted in philosophical sense as:

Human beings generally crave for Name, Fame, Sense pleasures etc. which satisfies one's ego & these are the Idols in one life which a person adores very much. But these Idols do not do any good to one self as it obscures one's real 'Soul nature', which is divine with unlimited powers & is always blissful. Such craving for Name, Fame & Sense pleasures drowns one's self respect & obscures the divine from our sight. These worthless temptations destroys one's reputation & always gives delusion by which a person is not able to know his Divine Self.

So Let's not be egoistic as it shall not do any good to one self. Let's surrender our ego in the Divine feet of the God & adore Him only so that He can give us a blissful life.

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