Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bend Your Ego

Once there was a very egoistic person. He never used to bend before anybody. He was an atheist & did not believe in God. He used to think that he was the most powerful person & never used to bend his head before anybody, neither before elderly people, neither before saints nor God.

One day he was travelling beside a beautiful, clean river that he felt thirsty. There was a saint who was also moving beside that egoistic person. He asked the saint that he is feeling thirsty & how he can get some water. The saint told him that he is moving beside the beautiful clean river & he can drink as much amount of water, as he can. On this, that egoistic person said, “If I need to drink the water of the river then I shall need to bend down before the river but he never bends before anyone, so how can he bend now before the river.” At this the saint replied that in that case he shall need to go thirsty only.”

To be egoistic is not good. Ego is self destructing. Ravana, Kansa & other such persons were killed due to their egoistic nature only. Ego keeps us away from the great God who is the reality in nature, who can give us the right intellect to understand the mysteries of this universe & can give us the Bliss of the soul.

To be at peace with yourself & be happy at all the times, you need to surrender your ego to the God completely. We need to take complete refuge in God by surrendering our ego at the feet of God. By complete surrender to God we do get freedom from all our sins and sorrows. In God there is no sin or sorrow. God is like the Sun in which darkness cannot exist. God is complete Joy, complete Bliss. When we are surrendering our ego to God, then we are surrendering ourselves to Joy & Bliss.

Whenever our ego separates ourselves from God, we become sad & unhappy & all tensions of life surround us. In any case we should not be egoistic, as to be egoistic is to show our separate existence from God, separate existence from Joy & Bliss. When the subtle veil of ego is torn between you & God then you are full of Joy & happiness. Just think yourself to be an instrument of God & devote fully to God.

So let's surrender our ego in the Divine feet of the God & adore Him only so that He can give us a blissful life.

In Bhagwat Gita also God says that:

"tam eva saranam gaccha
sarva-bhavena bharata
tat-prasadat param shantim
sthanam prapsyasi sasvatam" (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Eighteen verse 62)

"Sri Krishna said: O Arjuna, surrender unto God fully. By His grace you will attain transcendental peace and the supreme and eternal abode."

Jai Shri Krishna

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