Sunday, April 29, 2012

Don't be Tense, Get Relaxed

Tension is a very common word in our fast day to day life. In one's life everyone suffers from tension at some point or the other. Tension can be due to workplace pressures, in relationships etc. etc. Tension normally disturbs our physical and mental health. Due to tension a person fails to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats to the organism.

Common tension symptoms include irritability, muscular tension, inability to concentrate and a variety of physical reactions, such as headaches and accelerated heart beat. Otherwise tension can also cause backache, insomnia, fatigue, hypertension, eating disorder etc. Every one of us want to get out of this tension & get relaxed. Let's see how we can achieve that.

We generally compare ourselves with others. This comparison given tension to our mind as we all live in different circumstances with different capabilities. In such a unique world, comparing ourselves & our situations with others is absurdity. But if we do so, we shall get tense, as what others have may not be with us or what qualities others have, may not be with us. Do not compare yourself with others as you are unique in your own sense & others don't have those qualities what you are having. This world is such that each person in this world is unique & we should love that uniqueness of every person than comparing it with others. The art of making beautiful shoes is with a cobbler & not with you. Similarly you are the master of your own Karma (whatever job / work you do) & not anybody else. Let's respect the Karma of each person & not the results those Karma's bear. World is run by the Karma's of each person & not by the fruit's those Karmas bear. So let's be happy doing our own Karma than running after the fruit's those Karma's bear.

The other reason why our mind remains tense is that we are not satisfied with our present state. If we have something, we are not happy with it. We may not have harmonious relations with many people in our life which also gives tension. If we have a particular amount of money with us, it seems less to us & we want more of it. Same is that, we have Greed for other things & don’t know how to enjoy the one’s we are already having.

To get relaxed & be peaceful at mind, the first & foremost thing is to be satisfied with what we have at present & try to make harmonious relations with the people all around us. Once we are able to do that then we shall find that we are much better off & much peaceful.

So if we want to come out of tension then first of all we need to change our lifestyle. Other than that, we need to learn some relaxation techniques such as meditation, doing deep breathing exercises, listening to soul soothing music etc. as it relaxes one's mind. Living alone in silence without any disturbance for some time also relaxes the mind. Having a long simple walk, seeing the beauty of nature, doing some physical exercises, massaging the body can also help in reducing the tension.

Also as per teachings of "Bhagwat Gita" we need to be happy with our present state of life & should not hanker after the material desires. We need to have faith in God & should do our own duty as while doing one's own duty only, one can be happy. Do not blame God for the miseries of life, but just surrender to the will of God. Seek God's mercy & He shall give you peace of mind & happiness in life.

Jai Sri Krishna


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    Thank you so much for your posts! They inspire me.

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    I really like your website. It gives day to day examples to understand Bhagavad Gita. you are doing great job by posting these articles. I love all the articles and helped me in knowing oneself......Appreciate very much keep posting. Thank you