Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Karma Believers Have Higher Expectations

In Hindu Philosophy "Karma" has greater significance. Though "Karma" in its simplest term is "Action" only but in Hindu scriptures Karma is related to the origin of one's own body. Karmas of earlier birth become the basis of this birth & Karmas of this birth become the basis of his next birth & so on.

Now as per one study "People who believe in karma are more likely to have higher expectations" in life:

"People who believe in karma are more likely to have higher expectations and a more long-term orientation, which decreases the importance of momentary happiness, says a new study.

Authors Praveen K. Kopalle, Dartmouth College, Donald R. Lehmann, Columbia university, and John U. Farley Dartmouth College, found that some consumers strategically lower their expectations in order to try to increase their satisfaction with a product or experience

The experts wrote: “The doctrine of karma links current conduct to future consequences either in this life or the next. Thus, a belief in karma entails, among other things, a focus on long-run consequences.” Read more on it.......here

Read about "Karma Philosophy"............here

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