Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spiritual Intelligence

Today I came across a beautiful article at TOI, "What is spiritual intelligence?". It describes in detail about what it is "Being Spiritual" & "What is the difference between spiritual intelligence and spirituality?" etc. Just few lines from it below:

"Spirituality is to ‘know’ who you are and Spiritual Intelligence is to ‘realize who you are and to live life in that awareness. You have always been who you are and, in truth, you can never be other than who you are, but it requires ‘realization i.e. that moment when you ‘see it’, when you ‘get it’ and then you ‘be it’.

Spirituality is the knowledge of yourself as spirit/soul, and the understanding of your highest spiritual qualities and attributes, which are love, peace, purity and bliss. Spiritual Intelligence is the expression of these innate spiritual qualities through your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. Being spiritual means the ego has dissolved, virtue has been restored to character and spiritual values connect your inner and outer worlds (thought to action). It is the ability to see every other human being as soul/spirit, and thereby transcend all the false identities of race, colour, gender, nationality, profession and religion. It is in this awareness that we are then able to recognize and connect with the Supreme Power."

Read full article here at TOI............What is spiritual intelligence?

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