Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What People Think & Say About God

Till now I have been writing my thoughts & views on this blog about God. Today I am presenting below what people think & say about God. I have one "Bhakti Sangeet" video channel on You Tube on which at present 106 devotional videos are uploaded & all those videos are on my this blog also. I have scanned through some of the comments posted on my "Bhakti Sangeet" channel on You Tube which gives a fair idea of views of different persons regarding God. Here below are those comments:

Hindus like to believe in only one God. They glorify and praise his thousands of qualities. For example God is love, he is symbolically represented by Krishna, God is virtue is represented by lord Ram, God is power is represented by Lord Hanuman, God is wisdom represented by Goddess Saraswati etc etc. by these symbols we develop spirituality, purity, to the ultimate one who is endless truth and bliss.

Why do people cry on the basis of religion.
There is one God,
He is called by different names by his lovers in affection.
And he also takes a visible form - like to save Prahalad he came and it is mentioned in Gurbani and also at other places.

Sri Ram, Gobind, Sri Krishn,Waheguru, Allah are all same.
The fight between people because of different names is idiotic and they are simply illiterate.

Its a matter of faith one may believe in any of the god but if he is a real believer he will have wisdom to respect others and not to comment on others faith.

Jai Shri Krishna, Jai Guru Nanak, God of gods, pls give courage to all of us so that we can achieve our final destination, that's your abode above (heaven) and get liberated from sufferings. "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare", Jai Wahe Guru

Chant the Maha-Mantra
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare
and be happy

Krishna consciousness is for everyone.
Krishna is one of the names of God and means all-attractive. Praise the Lord!

Jai Shri Raam Jai Shri Krishna.
God of Gods, Operator of universe, the universal truth. Please bless us all and give us eternal bliss

Antaryami means who can observe every thing of your heart without explaining to him, Thats why God is Antaryami. we don't need to explain any problem to him he is Antaryami, he knows what we want.

Oh Lord of the whole Universe
Mighty Lord of the whole Universe
All Thy devotees' agonies
All Thy devotees' sorrows
Instantly Thou banisheth
Oh Lord of the whole Universe
He who's immersed in devotion
He reaps the fruits of Thy love
Lord, he reaps the fruits of Thy love
Joy, prosperity and health
Enter the homes of those who pray to thee
Oh Lord of the whole Universe...

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  1. I have many wonderful friends that spent most of their lives trying to fine God or understand God..They always come to be and ask me .." Star why do you love God so much and live such a simple life?" I tell them because God is in everything we do, eat, breath, hear and feel .. He is good and he is bad in life..He is happiness and sorrow.. sweetness and bitter..To me God is just that God.The Surprime being with no true explanations or reason .. I don't want to know where is he really from or how he has his powers .. How he keeps the world going and people alive . trying to understand all of that is waste of time to me.. He is divine that all .. I tell them to take time and see the world real beauty to forget about wars, riches and power .. Just live a simple life and help those in need knowing that all you do in in God's name .. Do all for him and not worry about the rest ..That's God's job not ours.. God is just like love.. and love is just that love.. hope you understand what I mean.. Paz y amor