Sunday, April 26, 2009


Radhe.... Radhe....Radhe.... a beautiful chant sung in the praise of Goddess Radha Rani, the true devotee of Lord Krishna. In this devotional video the singer "Sh. Vinod Aggawal Ji" & "Sh. Balram Krishan Ji" are showing their divine love to Sri Radha Rani .

Sri Radha Rani is the greatest devotee of Lord Shri Krishna. It is said that Sri Radha is herself the "Devotional energy" of Lord Shri Krishna who is the Lord of the universe. Her name always comes before the name of Lord Krishna that is why God's one name is "Radha Krishna" also. Just take out only one "R" from "Radha Krishna" & it becomes just "half Krishna" & that is the power of the name "Radha".

"Shyama" is another name of Shri Radha.

"Meri bhav badha haro, Radha nagari soey,
Ja tan ki jhaien parat, Shyam Harit duti hoey."

Hey, Goddess Shri Radha, You take care of my life of all troubles, Who's body shadow is enough to make Lord Krishna happy.


  1. This is really beautiful. Who are the 2 figures?
    Shri Radha and Krishna? This sort of reminds me of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Where do you find all of these beautiful pictures? What does Krishna say about animals? Do they have souls? I love your site.

  2. HI Lisa,You are in love with God. These pictures are really beautiful.It makes a deep impression on the core of the heart and a deep pressure on the nerves of the brain. You can find all those pictures from ISKON (International society of Krishna Consciousness)Temples all over the world,every where is USA. Also you can download calenders free of cost.
    Yes, Miss Lisa all the leaving creatures and even the plants have life and of sure all the animals have soul from small to large.Krishna Love the animals , There are many innumerable stories about lord Krishna About the cows , peacocks. on hearing the melodies flute of Lord Krishna all the Cows and Gope and Gopies come around him. There is lot more............