Saturday, April 18, 2009

Attain Krishna

Irrespective of all religions, people do have faith in God. Some call Him by the name of Rama, Krishna while others call Him Allah, God, Jesus etc. Faith in God make people have confidence in a supernatural power whom they call their protector. He is the divine force who manages this whole world on a macro scale. In Hindu philosophy it is the ultimate goal of a person to attain God. For that ascetics do penances & devotees perform rituals in the name of God so that they can come closer to God & finally attain Him.

To attain God the easiest way is to have love & devotion to Lord Krishna. Meaning of the name of Krishna is the one who attracts a soul easily & puts him/her in His devotion. Krishna is all attractive, that's why He attracts the soul of a person. Below is the translation of Mira Bai's devotional song 'Payoji Maine Shyaam Rattan Dhan Paayo...' which shows her love & devotion for Krishna.

Mira Bai says,

"Krishna, the precious
I have attained,
Now I am free of the
birth & death cycle,
Worldly pursuits,
do not exist for me
O, Krishna, the precious
I have attained,

No expenses have I
Nor fear of looting
With Krishna's Name
on my lips
Krishna, the precious
I have attained.

By following the
boat of truth,
Krishna has
accepted me
In infinite Grace
Krishna, the precious
I have attained.

Giridhar Nagar,
Beloved of Mira Bai
Let's all sing His Glory
Krishna, the precious
I have attained.

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