Monday, January 05, 2009

Biggest Loss in Life's Gamble

Just flash back in your life & think, which was your biggest loss in life till today. For some it might have been a loss of money in business, for others they might have taken a heavy loss in the stock market, while for many others it might have been a loss of money in other ways of life. For many others biggest loss might have been emotional one than money loss. Some might have had a break-up in relationship or loss of some near & dear one.

Any loss of money or relationship is always very very painful in life as our mind is always very much attached to money & our relations. It's a way of life & there is nothing wrong with it. But what should be our attitude at the loss of money or relationship?

Let's first take the case of loss of money in life. Just again flash back in your life & go to your school days. In your school days, daily you used to take pocket money from your parents so that you could buy something to eat in the market or from the nearby school shops. You spent many many years of your school life like that only, living daily on that little pocket money only. That little pocket money used to be so precious that it used to give lot of happiness ,whenever, that little money you used to find in your pocket. Later on, when you started earning money in your job or business, you felt so much inclined toward that money that you always wanted to earn more & more of it. In fact you got attached very much to this money & you hankered always to earn more & more of it. Now this attachment to money started giving you pain, whenever, you did not earn more of it or you had a money loss in life. How different it has become now, that in childhood a very little money used to give so much happiness, while now lot's of money cannot give happiness. You always feel sad as you always want more & more of this money. Now two things are there in your life, one is Greed for money & second is Attachment to this money. Any betrayal of wishful desire of not getting this money, makes you sad, angry & frustrated in life. Any loss of already gotten money makes you really really mad in life.

Though money loss can have some problems in your present life but in the case of money loss in life, our attitude should be like, "How much does it really matters?" or as in Punjabi it is said, "Ki Faraq Painda Hai". In childhood you did not have any money & all this money you earned over here was only later on. So if some money is lost in life too, then how much does it really matters. Life still goes on with or without money. Money is for life, Life is not for money. So take it easy, if you have lost some money in life. Do not take it to the heart but just think, "How much does it really matters?" & just think that money you lost was never yours. Attitude towards money should be of not much attachment. The lesser you are attached to money, the lesser you shall have pain at it's loss.

In the case of loss of relationship or loss of near & dear one, pl. see that all relations are made in this life time only & slowly during the journey of life these relations get separated. In the case of relations too our attitude should be of not much attachment. More you are attached to someone, more pain you shall get at his/her separation.

Just think that one day, you yourself shall have to leave all your money that you earned, all the property that you made & all your relations that you got so much attached to. That moment comes in everyone's life, whosoever, is born on this earth. At death, a person has the biggest loss of his/her life as he/she loses all the money, property & relations who are so dear to that person. It actually occurs to everybody & on that day a person loses everything in Life's gamble. That moment of death shall be very very painful if your attitude in life has been to cling to your money & relations. So let's not hanker always after money & let's not get attached to money & relations very much. Bhagwat Gita also teaches us the same.

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  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Very nice blog Sancho - thank you for your living example of devotion.

    Bhur Bhuvaha Svaha
    Tat Savitur Varenyam
    Bhargo Devasya Dimahi
    Dhio Io Nah Prachodayath

    Stephan, Montreal

  2. thanks for a great posting.
    I do have one question though, u say not to get too hung up on relationships, but didn't Shri Ram Bhagwan fulfilled his 14 years of exile just to fulfill his father's words. Isn't this promoting a relationship. I do believe that not all relationships are to be taken too seriously, but family should be close to one's heart, since it is our Dharma (as Shri Ram Bhagwan would call it) to serve and protect them (but not to lament on their deaths that is, since the soul never dies).