Sunday, August 24, 2014

Practice Good Things In Your Life

We read so many good books in our life. We read Bhagwat Gita also & many other spiritual books. We hear so many good discourses, we go to Satsang & hear so many good things but somehow still no change comes in our life. We generally complain that doing good things is not getting them any good. So what is the reason that after doing so many good things, reading so many good books, no great change is happening in your life. Here below is a Story which shall let you understand the reason behind this.

“Once a “Doll Maker” came to the court of a King & showed 3 exactly same Dolls to the King. “Doll Maker” asked all the people in the court & the King to tell & segregate all the three dolls as No. 1 doll, No. 2 doll & No. 3 doll. As all the dolls looked exactly similar, no person could tell the difference & could distinguish these Dolls. After some time a wise man came to the court & saw the Dolls. Though all the Dolls looked same but after little bit of more examining these dolls, he asked the people in the court to bring a wire.

When the wire came, the wise man put the wire in the left ear of the 1st Doll. That wire came out of the second ear of the Doll. So wise man labelled that Doll as No. 1 Doll.
Now the wise man put the wire in the left ear of the other Doll. That wire came out of the mouth of that Doll. So the wise man labelled that Doll as No. 2 Doll.
Then the wise man put the wire in the left ear of the last Doll. That wire went in the belly of the Doll & dropped inside. So the wise man labelled that Doll as No. 3 Doll. So though the Dolls were appearing the exactly same from outside but from inside they were quite different.”

Same is the case with we people. We hear so many good discourses, we go to Satsang & hear so many good things but all those good things enter our one ear & leave out from the other ear. We do not practice those things, we do not imbibe those good things in our life. We are like the first two dolls but we should be like the third doll & whatever good things we hear or read should go inside ourself & we should make that a part of our life.

As per on saying, “Believe what you read; teach what you believe; practice what you teach”. So we should practice in life what we believe in & what we preach.

So we should have full faith in God Also we should devote all our Karmas to God. By devoting all our Karmas to God our mind gets purified of all the impurities & our mind receives the Godly light, Godly grace and Godly knowledge. If we do Service of humanity then also it is the service of God as God sits in the heart of all human beings. Let’s work without attachment and egoism & offer all the good works of ours to God.

By practicing Karma Yoga our heart reaches out to other people & through it we see God in all people’s hearts. By such devotional practice, divine virtues such as love, mercy, tolerance, kindness, patience, self-restraint, etc. are developed in us. Karma Yoga destroys jealousy, hatred, malice and the idea of superiority in us.

Below are verses from "Bhagwat Gita", in which God is asking his disciple Arjuna to do all his actions / activities for Him only. The below verses are firstly, written in, as it is written in original Sanskrit in Bhagwat Gita & below that is English translation of that verse.

' Ye tu srvani krmani
myi sanyasya mat-para
anany-naiv yogen
maam dhyayant upasate '
' Tesham-aham samud-dharta
bhavami na-chirat parth
mayy-avesita-chetsam ' (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter XII verse 6-7)

'Those people, who worship Me by surrendering all their activities unto Me, are always devoted to Me, always meditate upon Me, Having always fixing their minds upon Me, O Parth - to them, I swiftly rescue from the ocean of birth and death.'

Jai Sri Krishna

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