Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Bhagwat Gita quiz contest conducted in Pakistan School

Karachi, Jul 4: At the time of religious intolerance in Pakistan, shlokas from Bhagwat Gita reverberated at a school here during a quiz competition to test the knowledge of Hindu boys and girls about their religion, leaving the minority community having something to cheer about.

For months now, the Hindu community in Pakistan's southern Sindh province has been complaining of bias and injustice over the issues of kidnappings and forced conversions but for a change they celebrated being able to organise a religious event without any problems.

The quiz competition testing the knowledge of the Hindu boys and girls about their religion - Sanatan Dharma - was enthusiastically participated by at the Santa Maria school in Karachi's Gizri area. Read More................Bhagavad Gita quiz contest conducted in Karachi school

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  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    The basis of religion, of goodness and evil, of truth and falsehood, of right and wrong is the Gita. Historically, the Gita emerged first. Later, as materialism overcame spirituality, God appeared in various forms to correct the masses from ruin. So the re-run of the Gita became Christianity, and historically later became Islam. There will certainly be variations due to difference with the parent Aryan culture, but the essence of all holy books is the same, their roots tracing back to the Gita. Interpretation of the same, is however, a subjective matter.