Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to Manage Stress in life?

Stress at work, Stress at home, Stress in relations, Stress in family life, we all suffer from some or the other form of stress in life. Stress has become the most common word in our fast day to day life. In our daily life everyone suffers from stress at some point or the other. Stress can be due to workplace pressures, tensions in relationships etc. etc. Stress normally disturbs our physical and mental health. Due to stress a person fails to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats to the organism.

Common stress symptoms include irritability, muscular tension, inability to concentrate and a variety of physical reactions, such as headaches and accelerated heart beat. Otherwise stress can also cause backache, insomnia, fatigue, hypertension, eating disorder etc. So it is very clear that STRESS can create havoc with your life.

So it is imperative that we need to be cool & calm in life. Stress needs to be avoided in all cases in life. Now how can a person remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances so that he/she never experiences any stress?

If we want to come out of stress in life then first of all we need to change our lifestyle. First & foremost thing is that we need to be peaceful at mind in all circumstances. For that we should be satisfied with what we have at present. Let's try to be happy & try to enjoy what we are having at present. Do not hanker your mind always after those things which are not very easy to attain in life & are beyond one's reach.

Other than that just try to make harmonious relations with the people all around you. Be friendly with your relations & people around you at workplace. Once you are able to do that then you shall find that you are better off & much peaceful.

Other than this, just ENJOY your work. If you shall enjoy your work than considering it a burden, then also most of your Stress shall leave you as a person's mind engrossed in work has little to think about other things in life. Once you are peaceful at mind then stress shall leave you.

Finally as per teachings of "Bhagwat Gita" we need to be happy with our present state of life & should not hanker after the material desires. We need to have faith in God & should do our own duty as while doing one's own duty only one can be happy.

"Yoga-sthah kuru karmani
sangam tyaktva dhananjaya
siddhy-asiddhyoh samo bhutva
samatvam yoga ucyate" (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Two verse 48)"

"Sri Krishna said to Arjuna: Perform your duty with an equipoise mind, abandoning all attachment to success or failure. Such equanimity is called Yoga."

So just do your work with your 100% involvement & dedication & derive pleasure out of doing such work. Other than that, we need to learn some relaxation techniques such as meditation, doing deep breathing exercises, listening to soul soothing music etc. Having a long simple walk, doing some physical exercises, massaging the body can also help in reducing the stress.

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