Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Man who has not eaten for several decades - lives without food or water

Prahlad Jani grew in Charod village in Mehsana district in India. He claims to have been blessed by a goddess at the age of 8. He says he has survived several decades without food or water because of a hole in his palate. Drops of water filter through this hole, he says, sustaining him. He wears a red garment, nose ring, and gold bracelets. He also sports a ‘tikka’ on his forehead. His followers call him ‘mataji’or goddess.

Prahlad Jani, who has not eaten food or drunk water for 74 years of his 82-year-old life, will be kept under observation by the a wing of the defence ministry for 15 days. The members of Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Science (DIPAS) want to understand if this process can be replicated in others’ bodies. The observation is being undertaken at the Sterling hospital.

Jani says he was blessed by the mother goddess when he was eight and began living in a cave in Gabbar hills at Ambaji, to be called 'Mataji'. He has willingly accepted to be a subject of this exhaustive project where he will undergo a battery of advance tests, including MRIs, scans and blood studies. Jani, dressed in a red sari, nose ring and sindoor, spends his time in hospital meditating, offering prayers, keeping silence and giving blessings.

Mention of such ‘miracle men/women’ are there in the "Autobiography Of A Yogi” by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda in which he describes about such persons who have not eaten for years together. It is all possible for persons who are blessed by God. In their case they get divine energy from subtle space in their spine. Read More................Man who lives on air undergoes defence tests

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