Sunday, January 17, 2010

Look for Face of God in others

Recently I came across a beautiful article, "Look for Face of God in others". This article also gives us the same message as given in Bhagwat Gita that we should see the same one Soul present in all beings, as God resides the same in the hearts of all beings. A few lines from that article are here below:

"When you look for the face of God — his likeness — in other people, other people will begin to see that likeness in you."

"I also think it's why Mother Teresa always looked so radiant and divine — because she saw radiance and divinity in every destitute soul she comforted on the streets of Calcutta, India."

"When we look out at the world we are actually looking into a mirror. And what we are inside gets reflected in what we see and what we see soon becomes part of who we are."

"If we see "God in disguise" in others, he soon shows up, disguised as us as well."

Read full article here..............."Look for Face of God in others".

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