Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Jannat" or "Hell"!!!

Recently I saw one video of a Suicide bomber on one TV channel, in which a young boy in his later teens blew up a building by blowing himself up while he was wearing loads of explosives. Incidentally in that video, just before the action, he was seen very cheerful & motivated. I am bewildered, how a person can be so cheerful & motivated while someone is going on a Suicide mission!!! I got the answer in that video only where he was made to believe that by doing this terrorist act of destruction, he shall go to "Jannat" or Heaven!! Same is the case with most of the Suicide bombers for whom the sole motivation for such Suicide missions is that they have been brainwashed in believing that they shall go to "Jannat" or Heaven after doing such dastardly act. Same must have been the reason in the case of the terrorists who struck in Mumbai, killing people mercilessly. In the case of 'Ajmal Kasab' (sole surviving terrorist of Mumbai attacks) also similar motivation might have been there that after death they shall go to "Jannat" or Heaven & enjoy a beautiful life over there or otherwise they shall win laurels with their masters if they are able to go back to them after attacks.

In fact all the masters of such Suicide bombers brainwash the minds of these young boys in believing that doing such acts of blowing themselves up shall lead them to "Jannat" or Heaven. But what is the real truth about it or where such persons who do these deadly acts shall go after death? Shall they really go to "Jannat" or Heaven?

Every religion of the world teaches peace & not doing harm to innocent people. Mahatma Gandhi all his life taught non violence. Harming & killing innocent people is against all religions & against humanity. Had 'Ajmal Kasab' ever thought that he shall have to lead a life in jail & may be hanged for all his acts of killing innocent people in Mumbai? He & his other nine accomplices (who were killed in Mumbai attacks) might have thought that either they shall go back to their masters after doing Mumbai attacks or they shall go to "Jannat" or Heaven if they were killed. Now just think, whether any society or community on this earth approve of killing innocent people? Can human justice approve or allow killing innocent people in the society? Certainly not. If human justice cannot approve of such dastardly acts, then how can "Divine Justice" approve of such callous killings? Can God approve of these persons acts & allow them to stay in "Jannat" or Heaven? Certainly not.

Bhagwat Gita clearly states of such people & results of their such heinous acts (Karmas). As per Bhagwat Gita mind & intellect of such people (terrorists) is covered with ignorance due to which they do such demonical acts of killing innocent people. They have a destructive thinking & way of life. Their perverted thinking makes them believe that killing the innocent people is their duty, while they are doing demonical work only by doing such killings. Result of all this is that they shall go to Hell only if they are killed or shall go to jail if they are caught alive. When a person's mind is covered with ignorance (brainwashed in wrong believing) then he believes that, whatever, wrong he is doing is right, while it is their perverted thinking only which make them do wrong, the consequence of which is misery only.

Below are few verses of Bhagwat Gita which clearly tells about the state of mind of such people (terrorists) & the result of doing their such bad Karmas (actions).

"Embracing the wrong views, these lost souls with little understanding, ill disposed & devoted to cruel actions, are born for the destruction of the world."-

"Thus deluded by ignorance, bewildered by numerous thoughts, enmeshed of the web of delusion & addicted of the enjoyment of sensuous pleasures, men of demoniacal nature fall into the foulest hell."-

"Given over to egoism, violence, insolence, passion & anger, these malicious persons hate Me ( God) that dwell in the bodies of others, as well as, in their own body."-

"These haters, evil, cruel, & vilest among men, I ( God) repeatedly throw into demoniacal wombs in this world."-

"Arjuna, cast into demoniacal wombs, birth after birth, these fools, attaining not to Me ( God), sink into still lower depths of Hell."-

So it is very clear that any religion does not teach hatred or killing innocent people. Result of such dastardly acts is misery only while living on this earth or even after death. Persons who believe that by doing such heinous acts of killing innocent people, they shall go to "Jannat" or Heaven are absolutely wrong as God also does not accept such malicious people. By doing such wrong acts, certainly these people shall have a place in "Hell" only after death. Such young people are requested not to be misled by their masters who brainwash their minds for their own selfish motives. By killing someone, no one has ever achieved Heaven but Hell only after death or Jail on this earth.
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